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Syllabi for schools.

Syllabi for Schools is a constantly updated library of thousands of teacher-made teaching resources to save schools 100+ hours per year.

Our aim is to support under-equipped teachers. It's simple.

Kwasi,  Head Principal

"A much-needed tool that drives teacher productivity."

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Curriculum Planning. Effortless.

Syllabi combines a constantly updated library of thousands of teacher-made syllabus-specific teaching resources with AI to save schools 100+ hours per year.

Syllabi by numbers


teachers say Syllabi's resources are the best they've taught with.


of ours schools have noted a great increase in student engagement & performance.

5 continents

Use Syllabi to teach their school.


Educators prefer Syllabi to their
old teaching resources.


Educators say that Syllabi saves them countless hours per year and creates more time for teaching rather than resource creation & curriculum planning.

What Educators Say

"It is incredibly simple to use yet so impactful for teaching ever-changing curriculums"

Hartley K,  MBBS PGCE 

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Simple interface.

Syllabi is incredibly easy to use and works on all computers with an internet connection. 

A-Z Curriculum support has never been this seamless. Teachers & schools can get started with Syllabi in seconds.

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Seamlessly integrates with your favourite apps.







No more worrying about software compatibility.

Covering the entire syllabus

Syllabi's library contains powerpoints, worksheets & activities covering the entire entire curriculum.

Our resources

Traditional resources

Interested to know more?

Book some time with us. We'd  love to learn more about your school’s needs and discuss how best we can partner with you.


Are Syllabi's resources written by AI?

If the curriculum changes, what happens to Syllabi's resources?

What sets Syllabi apart? 1) Our incredible diagrams and animations that drive engagement. 2) Our syllabus-specificity & constant curriculum update guarantee. 3) Our vast library of thousands of resources covering every possible subtopic. 4) Our in house AI that let's teachers plan & source their week's teaching materials in seconds. 5) The personalised support we offer to all our partner schools.

What curriculum frameworks does Syllabi currently support?

How was Syllabi built? What’s the origin story?

How do I get started & use Syllabi?

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