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teach content the best way.

We make modern classroom-optimised science resources to help you teach better.

 Now trusted by over 2000 teachers around the world. It's simple!

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50,000+ lessons downloaded!

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+ many more

how it works

how it works

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Fully animated, evidence-backed modular science lessons

boost student engagement, understanding & memory

microlearning + cognitive load theory

latest teaching methodologies

engagement & retention focussed

a-z curriculum


Say goodbye to monotonous class lessons


Traditional lessons

Syllabi lessons


Holte School

"Exactly what was needed to elevate our GCSE teaching"

 Head of Science


GEMS Dubai

"Incredibly impressive, these guys really know their stuff"

Deputy Head of Science 


Wallington Grammar

"Resources are perfect & I've loved using them"

- Science teacher

Why Syllabi
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Relating topics

to student's everyday lives.

Syllabi integrates hundreds of relatable real world examples of complex concepts within their lessons.

9/10 students found it easier to grasp concepts

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Carefully made by industry experts

Syllabi's lessons are crafted by collaboration between top educators & industry experts from some of the finest establishments in the land:


96% teachers recommend

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95% of our teachers love

Integrated modern teaching methodologies

Syllabi's lessons seamlessly integrate dozens of the modern teaching professional development techniques throughout such as:

Roshenhine's principles of instruction

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Dual coding theory


Unique, memorable illustrations + animations

Drive curiosity & engagement 

Increase memorability of content
Utilise the method of loci (spatial + visual memory)

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Made for the modern student

Syllabi's lessons are made for the modern student and prioritise all latest evidence-based learning techniques.

Active recall flashcards + checkpoints

Clever mnemonics + analogies

Worked examples

Real world examples

"They break down everything I need to teach & really engage the students."

David, Science lead


Reduce cognitive load

Using cognitive load theory, our lessons are crafted specifically for the modern student, expertly broken down into teachable bites using microlearning.

Boost student concentration

Boost understanding of complex topics
Checkpoints for Assessment for Learning (AFL)


9/10 our students love

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engaging illustration

Bring the wonder back to classroom teaching.

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"..Syllabi saves our teachers so much time, allowing them to focus on what actually matters - teaching."

Kwasi, Principal

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100% of our teachers save hours per week

5x teacher productivity

Syllabi's lessons saved teachers 200+ hours each year on preparing lesson content, summarising specifications & trying to add in all the latest pedagogical methods into every lesson.

A-Z curriculum coverage
Updated with the latest changes

Fully modular & editable.
Finish yearly curricula quicker to allow more time for revision.
Compatible with powerpoint


Courses we cover A-Z


IGCSE + O-Level Sciences


GCSE + IGCSE Sciences

GCSE Sciences

Find resources in seconds with easy search

super smart!

No software needed, all through your browser.

Navigate thousands of resources in 3 clicks.
Ridiculously easy to use.

get sylabi
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Want to get Syllabi?

Contact us to enquire or learn more about

Syllabi for your school, and we will promptly

be in touch.

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